GCTV Replay: LGCT Grand Prix Chantilly 2018

Photo: Stefano Grasso

Belgian star Nicola Philippaerts pulled off a stunning second LGCT Grand Prix win of 2018 with a blazing victory in magical Chantilly, only hours after winning the GCL team class.


Ben Maher (GBR) lost out at the final fence in the high calibre jump-off in the grounds of the breathtaking Chateau de Chantilly and the famous racetrack, with fences falling for some of the sport's biggest names. Grandstands were full around the vast grass arena, the biggest on the circuit, and there was a sea of Panama hats and fans being waved in the heat of a sultry summer afternoon.


Uliano Vezzani’s formidable course included three big efforts at the end of the track more suited to experienced horses and it was soon clear the double oxer combination and the Longines triple combination would take their toll on some. But the afternoon’s LGCT Grand Prix presented by Region Hauts de France delivered electrifying displays of horsemanship for the appreciative and knowledgeable crowd.


Take a look back at this stunning competition in our full GCTV Replay this Saturday 7 November from 10:30 BST/11:30 CET/04:30 EST. The replay will be available on demand for 24 hours.