GCTV Replay: GCL Paris 2018

Photo: Stefano Grasso

Temperatures soared in France’s capital city as Montreal Diamonds’ Harrie Smolders and Jos Verlooy kept cool under pressure to take their first win of the 2018 season at the GCL Paris.


With clear intent and full focus on the GCL, team anchor Harrie Smolders said: "We will be putting our best horses forward for the GCL -  that’s our first priority. It’s very close from 3rd to 7th, so there will be a battle to get into the top four - but that’s our aim and that’s our goal for the next few shows.”


Fans filled the tall grandstands, nestled between the stunning backdrops of the Eiffel Tower and the École Militaire and with a perfect view of the action in the arena. With 11 teams sitting just a fence away from each other, every stride and calculated distance would count in the final result.


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