GCTV Replay: GCL Monaco 2018

Photo: Stefano Grasso

Constant Van Paesschen and Marlon Zanotelli of the Rome Gladiators made a meteoric rise up the overall GCL rankings in Monaco, after the duo secured their first victory of the 2018 season in one of the most compact and challenging arenas on the circuit.


Frank Rothenberger produced a tight and technical course, with athletes racing up and down the arena and a tight time allowed of 69 seconds. The design was challenging from the start, with a vertical out of the first corner requiring instant focus and commitment. Other challenges were posed by a gappy Sapinda vertical, an imposing black and white Massimo Dutti oxer, with a Longines treble set along the diagonal of the arena off a turn, requiring plenty of smoothness and balance and a double put close to the longside where spectators watched on.


Take a look back at the dramatic twists and turns of this exciting competition this Sunday 25 October in our full GCTV Replay from 10:30 BST/11:30 CET/04:30 EST. The replay will be available on demand for 24 hours.