Fast Fifteen with Julien Epaillard - LGCT Doha winner

Photo: LGCT / Stefano Grasso

#FlyingFrenchman Julien Epaillard dominated at LGCT Doha with a spectacular LGCT Grand Prix win, and is the first rider to secure a golden ticket to the Longines Global Champions Tour Super Grand Prix at the GC Prague Playoffs this November. We fired off fifteen fast questions to Julien, all to be answered in the same time as his winning jump off! Check this out… 

1.What did it mean to you to win the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Doha? It is an amazing win on my list! It’s wonderful to start the Longines Global Champions Tour season this way!
2. Who was the first person you called? My wife and my son
3. Describe in one word the feeling when you realised you had won? Satisfaction
4. Tell us the best thing about your horse Usual Suspect. He’s very careful 
5. What was his treat after winning? Carrots!
6. What does it mean to qualify for the LGCT Super Grand Prix at the GC Playoffs? It’s a huge pleasure to be the first qualified and to be able to ride this incredible show 
7. Who was your biggest rival in the LGCT Grand Prix of Doha jump-off? My biggest rival was Ben Maher. Suspense stayed until the very end! 
8. How did you celebrate? Nice dinner in Doha 
9. Who gets to wear your beautiful Longines watch? My flat rider who works my horses everyday when I’m away at the shows. To say thank you. 
10. Who congratulated you first from the other riders? Alberto Zorzi
11. How long did the smile last? I still smile 
12. How did you relax once the adrenaline had gone? With friends at the restaurant 
13. Where do you think you won it in the jump off? The turn on the jump before the last one
14. Plan for the rest of the LGCT season? Trying to be the most regular possible on the circuit. Next LGCT show for me will be Shanghai
15. What's your #hashtag name for the LGCT Super Grand Prix? #TheFlyingFrenchman