Ben Maher and Emily Moffitt on The Insider At Home Plus Edwina Tops-Alexander’s 20QS


Two-time LGCT and GCL Champion Ben Maher and London Knights Team Owner and Rider Emily Moffitt give exclusive insights into their winning formula and the ups and downs of being at the top level of showjumping in the latest episode of The Insider At Home, premiering tomorrow (Wednesday 27 May).


Both Ben and Emily join Edwina Tops-Alexander's 20QS, available to watch on demand on GCTV. Emily gives us new insights into her life and personality, including her hidden talent, where she sees herself in 10 years' time, her best career moments and what she would be doing if not a show jumper. Meanwhile Ben tells Edwina of his dream job, his property passion, his entertaining dream guests for a dinner party and his advice for young riders.


In an in-depth interview on The Insider At Home with presenter Frederik De Backer, Ben gives an insight into the GCL team series including the riders’ motivation and ambition to win in these top-level competitions. He explains “It requires us to bring top horses for the GCT and GCL. It’s starting to become more and more people’s goals, to win the GCL. It’s an accomplishment so I think that’s why it’s becoming more and more difficult every year.


“It’s a big deal now the GCL, it’s important and if you want to be on our team, it’s a priority you have to put the team first and to be honest from experience, by putting the team first it’s brought individual results up going forward into the GCL as well.”


Emily also explains the importance of the GCL circuit in this ‘modern sport’, saying “I think as the years have gone along, people have started to realise that this is the real deal. It requires us to bring top five star horses for both the GCL and the GCT.”


At only 22 and an U25 rider on the team, Emily speaks candidly about competing directly against show jumping heavyweights, saying “I was thrown in the deep end with the top 30 riders, but it made me get my act together more quickly! I don’t think I would be here without the GCL or GCT.”


Emily also discusses her goals and dreams in the sport, and gives advice to other young riders. She also talks of the key role of her Dad, Neil Moffitt, in her rapid rise to competing at the top, saying “I would have to say that my Dad was a big part of my success happening so fast, he has a great mentality for really getting things done.”


Ben and Emily also share their top Tips & Tricks on Thursday 28 May from 10:30 BST/11:30 CET, sharing useful exercises making use of grids of fences, designed to develop adaptability and balance when jumping, as well as building suppleness on both reins.


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