22 - 24 October 2021


Travel to the tour’s only stop in Asia with our final leg in the spectacular destination city of Shanghai, China.


Shanghai is the largest city in China, a cosmopolitan hyper city with a population of more than 24 million. It is a major cultural and financial centre and an important port.

On the banks of the Huangpu River, Shanghai is bursting with energy and is home to the world’s second tallest tower and a host of other staggering eye-catching buildings in the Lujiazui financial district creating its iconic skyline. Known as the “Paris of the East”, Shanghai is a fusion of old and new architecture telling the history of its evolution. Shanghai showcases a unique and exciting combination of the modern and the traditional, from the historic French Concession with its stunning Art Deco architecture to the booming Bund.

Today, the city offers a selection of international restaurants with innovative cuisine of the highest standard and a multitude of culinary options to suit all tastes and budgets. Food is considered the hub of Chinese social life, and eating out is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture.

Shanghai is an amazing shopping destination. Retail therapy is hugely popular, and as well as the European luxury brands, there are pop-up boutiques, bustling markets, cool vintage shops and young designer outlets. 

A very creative and entrepreneurial city, Shanghai is also home to many exciting art galleries offering a window into contemporary Chinese culture, while the nightlife options are equally enthralling from Acrobatics shows to Chinese opera, and from Jazz to Indie music, offering something for everyone.

24 Million

Population of Shanghai

340 Million

Tourists per year

15 - 30 C

Average temperature during LGCT

    How To Get There


    Please check the travel and visa requirements for your country by visiting this link:


    Shanghai Event Location

    Xueye Road, Shanghai, China - 上海市浦东世博园区洪山路停车场

    GPS Coordinates 31° 10' 56.6112'' N 121° 29' 26.6028'' E


    Airport Location 

    Pudong International Airport (PVG) 

    6000 Yingbin Da Dao 浦东国际机场, 迎宾大道6000号

    GPS Coordinates 31° 8' 26.1096'' N 121° 48' 17.892'' E

    35km outside the city center, +/- 1 hour to get there from downtown


    Airport Transfer services 

    There are several transport options to get from the airport into the centre of Shanghai, which include Limousine, Taxi, Didi (Chinese Uber), Bus, and the Maglev Train. Information on these can be found at the information desk at the arrival gate. 


    There is a wide variety of transport options in Shanghai, which your hotel concierge can advise you on. The options include taxi, Didi, Limousine, and Metro.

    Local Culture and Customs

    When presenting and receiving gifts or business cards, it is customary to use both hands and show an interest in the card, placing it on the table for the duration of the meeting. 

    In China, colours are highly symbolic. For example, the colour red is lucky, pink and yellow represent happiness and prosperity; white, grey and black are funeral colours. This applies to gift wrapping, flowers, etc.

    It is customary to address someone you do not know with his/her title (Ms., Mrs., Mr., etc.) and their family name

    It is also impolite to leave the chopsticks across  the  bowl, better to  use the chopstick stand or leave it on the table. 

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